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Alfresco Addon: Introducing MetaDBConnector

Hi Alfresco community! Long time ago we contribute in Alfresco Addons website with “Alfresco MetaDBConnector” tool. But what is this exactly? How can be used? In which scenarios should you use it? If you...

Alfresco ADF and Aikau frameworks 0

Alfresco development frameworks: ADF & Aikau

Hi everybody. If you are starting to develop Alfresco, I am pretty sure that you have a lot of information but you don’t know where can you start working on.  What is Alfresco Development...


Alfresco ECM Tour

¿What is Alfresco? Following preso explain the features and advantages for the most popular OpenSource ECM in the corporative market, in a fun way. Enjoy and share it! English version.   Spanish version. Special thanks to @sgomez,...

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[AAT] Chapter 1: Alfresco + Backup and Restore

lWelcome back, community! Are you using Alfresco? What about your backup & restore strategy? In this post we are going to explain the easiest way to use BART tool with Alfresco and you will...

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Apache SSL, Let’s Encrypt & Tomcat

Hi folks, as first post in our blog I’ll share the steps to configure the typical architecture scenario for many J2EE webapps (as Alfresco or Liferay) : Apache SSL + mod_jk + Tomcat. Thanks...


Welcome folks!

Welcome to Venzia Community!. This is your first post and we’re glad you’re here. Stay tunned about our Team posts related with : Alfresco Liferay Elasticsearch Activiti Machine Learning Java, AngularJS And a a...

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