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Interesting to know about Alfresco Share future? Read this entry! 0

Alfresco Share and its future

Last week Alfresco has celebrated “Alfresco Devcon 2018” in Lisbon. Public goal for this conference was mainly technical but, also, let the opportunity to explain their roadmap. During these days Alfresco dropped a couple...


[Alfresco feature] Creating links to content

One of the new features in Alfresco 5.2 is the possibility to create links on content. Its use is very simple: When a user opens a Shortcut Link they are redirected to the original...

How to share files in Alfresco 0

[Alfresco] Sharing is caring

Hi, community! Imagine that you have been installing Alfresco 5.2 with the last installer (click on next, next, next..) and now you want to know the easy way to share documents and files. During...