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Play with ADF like a kid with blocks 0

ADF tutorial: N00b here!

Hi everyone! In the latest Alfresco DevCon at Lisbon, we had the chance to attend to Denys Vuika talk “Using and Extending the Alfresco Content App” based on ADF. In plain words, he built...


Alfresco ECM Tour

¿What is Alfresco? Following preso explain the features and advantages for the most popular OpenSource ECM in the corporative market, in a fun way. Enjoy and share it! English version.   Spanish version. Special thanks to @sgomez,...

Image with code of Alfresco bart utility 0

[How to] Alfresco + Backup and Restore

Welcome back, community! Are you using Alfresco? What about your backup&restore strategy? In this post we are going to explain the easiest way to use BART tool with Alfresco and you will able to...